Hi, my name is Minna. I asked a group of people (mostly my friends because I don't usually approach strangers) to post up their recipes. I admit it. It's for selfish reasons, so I can have an archive of great ideas.

My friends aren't gourmet chefs, but they love food. Who doesn't? Although one is a young adult writer and another is a jewelry designer (then you have a handbag designer, photographer, market researcher), they all have one thing in common and that is making damn good food. Creativity doesn't just lie in what they do, it's in their lives. I think it takes a level of creativity to cook and bake delicious meals and sweets.

The other great thing about this blog is that although they live in places far from NY (Texas to DC and all the way to Zurich), they all come together to this one place to share.

Hope you enjoy...x